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Searching for a Local Secure Storage Facility Near Hartland, WI?

Stonewood Self-Storage

Stonewood’s Hartland Storage facilities are the Village of Hartland’s original self-storage facilities having opened our first facility at 720 Industrial Court. We grew to 2 facilities in Hartland when we opened our Zion Street location offering both standard storage units as well as climate controlled units.

Our staff is proud to work as well as live in Lake Country. We enjoy a close working relationship with many different charitable groups and organizations that support the community.

When you are looking for storage in the Lake Country area we would be happy to show you one of our standard units that range in size from 5’ x 10’ to 20’ x 20’ or choose one of our 3 climate controlled sizes from 5’ x 15’ to 10’ x 15’. We also offer limited “outdoor” parking / storage.

Supporting Our Community

We currently support Lake Country Caring, Oconomowoc Junior Women’s Club, Arrowhead Sports Boosters, Volunteers of Lake Country, Oconomowoc Sports Booster Club, Oconomowoc Food Pantry, Lake Country Women’s Club, Hartland Splash Pad, Hartland Street Dance as well as many Churches in the Lake Country area.


  • 1) To start with, make sure you have everything you will need ahead of time like good quality packing materials:

    • Packing Paper, Bubble Wrap, Anti-Static Packing Peanuts

    • Strong Cardboard Boxes

    • Clear Plastic Storage Bins

    • Large Stick-on Labels

    • Seal-able Plastic Bags of Varying Sizes

    • Packing Tape

    • Blankets or Tarps

    • Bungee Cords, Straps or Rope

    2) Prepare Items for Packing:

    • Make sure fragile items are wrapped well before placing them in a container.

    • If you have items you will need to access regularly, clear plastic storage bins will make them easier to find.

    • Small items and trinkets can be stored in seal-able plastic bags, labeled and stored in clear plastic bins that are also labeled.

    • Heavier items like furniture parts and mattresses should be wrapped in blankets, tarps and/or mattress covers.

    • Pack the boxes full and seal them tight.

    • Wrap covered objects with rope, cords or straps.

    • All of our storage units are approximately 8′-10′ tall inside, so you can stack your items to make the most efficient use of the space.

    • Leave an aisle to allow for accessibility.

    • Think of ways to conserve space.

    • Label your boxes and keep an inventory so it’s easier to find things.

    • Turn box labels to face the aisle.

    • Try to use boxes that are similar in size to make stacking easier, more stable and compact.

    • Always place heavier boxes on the bottom for stability.

    • Wash and iron your clothes before storing.

    • There is a large range of vacuum seal bags out on the market, which are great space savers.

    • When it comes to clothing, say no to plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

    • Be sure to add mothballs to your containers.

    • Keep things clean, cool, dark and dry.

    • If possible, purchase wardrobe boxes. This will allow you to hang your clothing items.

    • Remember the larger / heavier items belong on the floor whenever possible.

    • When possible, disassemble furniture for easier storage. For example; bed frames, dressers with mirrors, items with loose shelving, etc.

    • Polish wood with furniture polish to help protect it and keep it from drying excessively over time.

    • Remove bolts, screws, washers and nuts and store them in a seal-able plastic bag, then tape them to the unit they belong to.

    • Cover any protruding elements with rags or bubble wrap to protect them and to protect YOU from them.

    • Cover furniture with blankets or special fabric covers to protect them.

    • Do not place heavier items or boxes on top of soft furniture like couches or mattresses. The weight may leave an indent in the item.

    • Standing mattresses up on their side and placing them between two pieces of heavy furniture will help to keep their shape.

    • Make sure appliances are clean and dry (especially wash machines and dishwashers)and leave doors open slightly to allow air circulation.

    • Gasoline, chemicals or flammables may not be stored other than in a motor vehicle and then only in NON climate controlled units.

  • Our self-storage facilities feature perimeter fencing that is accessible, 24-7, through a computerized keypad entry system. This system requires the use of a unique individualized password to enter. Once inside the gate, all climate controlled storage units are accessible through a separate keypad entry point.

    In addition, both of our properties provide adequate lighting for your convenience.

Have Questions?

Give us a call or stop by and see Cindy Kay, Mindy Fletcher or Mike Bickler today!

Our office is located at 720 Industrial Court for both facilities and hours are 8-4 Monday through Friday with special appointments available 7 days a week.